Polish courses

Short communication-oriented courses in Polish are divided into 60-lessons programs. Depending on the time you wish to invest in your Polish lessons and your preferences as to the intensity of learning, we provide several courses, at all levels, individually and in small groups.

  • Crash courses: 6 lessons per day within two weeks. Each training day consists of two sessions: a morning 3 x 45′ session and an afternoon 3 x 45′ session after the lunch break. It is an ideal course for people who have to learn Polish in a short time.
  • Intensive 4 week courses: 3 x 45′ lessons per day (with a coffee break). This is recommended for people who wish to have results in a short time, but do not like to study all day long.
  • Regular classes from 2 to 3 times per week. The program is designed for those who have no time for intensive training or do not like it. The course duration is 15 weeks.

For more information visit  www.academiapolonica.pl

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