Polish for Expats

Intercultural training

Research and practice have proved that providing cultural trainingto employees who are tasked with working in an international environment can significantly reduce the risks of cultural shock. A cultural awareness program helps to avoid misunderstandings and confusion during interactions with foreign partners – from an embarrassing moment to a breakdown in inter-company communication to a lost deal or agreement.

We can help by introducing you or your staff to the Polish lifestyle and we provide a cross cultural session:

„When in Poland do as the Poles do”
Doing business in Poland is much easier if managers are equipped with

  • a framework for understanding Polish social & business culture
  • an understanding of Polish attitudes and behavior: identity and solidarity, personal space & body language; collectivism versus individualism;
  • an introduction to Poland’s unique history and culture, which has shaped the specific personality of the country and its people.

This analysis of cultural values and behavior prevalent in Poland will help you in developing strategies for working more effectively and establishing successful business relationships with Polish counterparts.

For more information visit http://www.academiapolonica.com/

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