Do the expats speak Polish?

Why are the foreigners living in Poland often afraid of learning Polish?  There are several myths about Polish.

The first one says that it is one of the most difficult languages.  Polish is nearly on the top of the list; the higher position has only Chinese.  I have never expected Polish will be placed next to the language used by the majority of the population.  I must say – we are in a good company, especially that Chinese becomes more and more popular. The number of people learning Chinese increased dramatically during the last year. The reason is clear  -  it is the economy. The myth of the special difficulty of the language disappeared when the desire of speaking occurred.

The second myth says Polish is very difficult to pronounce. Is it really? Comparing to English, there is only one set of soft consonance (ś, ź, ć, dź) which has no equivalent in English.  All the other are similar to the English ones (pol. sz like Eng. Shower,  pol. cz like Eng. Chamber, pol. like Eng. Jazz, etc.). When spelling in Polish is regular, it is often unpredictable in English. Polish also has a stable accent, which makes the pronunciation much easier.

The third myth says that Polish grammar is very complicated. It is a trough that our language preserved the declination and conjugation system like the other Slavic language group when the German and Roman group of languages has reduced it. Although the cases and verb conjugation might be caused problems, we use only three tenses, when in English there are  „only’ then! And what about the 57 rules of using the definite and indefinite articles in English, when in Polish the problem doesn’t exist?

It seems that the criteria for considering the language as difficult are not based on our knowledge about its system. Placing so different systems as Polish and Chinese one next to the other on the ranking list indicates that both are not popular yet, and as unknown got the etiquette „most difficult”.

Running the Polish language school for foreigners for over 13 years, I must say that the ability to learn Polish depends not on the nationality or special talent, but motivation. Despite the difficulties caused by the cases, most of our students can communicate without a problem. It proves that Polish is not as horrible as it is presented.

Informacje o Ewa Maslowska

I am a linguist interested in discovering the image of the world hidden behind the words. The linguistic worldview shows the differences between languages. Words and ideas reflect the common memory of each particular society that perceives reality through its historical and cultural experience, habits, beliefs mirrored by the language. Each language contains its view of the world and it is fascinating to discover the differences in the meaning of words and contexts they are used. Apart from doing research, I run a Polish language school for foreigners – Academia Polonica. The results of my investigation in cultural linguistics are implemented in the programs for teaching Polish to foreigners in broad cultural contexts. I believe that a deeper view of Polish culture through history, customs, symbols will help to cross the cultural barriers and improve communication behind diversity. Became a friend of Poland! If you seek more knowledge about the issues given in the posts you can follow my publication on
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92 odpowiedzi na „Do the expats speak Polish?

  1. Steve pisze:

    Who says Polish is the next different language after Chinese? Is this a Polish myth? I have heard far more Polish people say how difficult it is than foreigners . This itself makes others reluctant to try and learn the language.

    However, to deal with the question „Why are foreigners living in Poland often afraid of learning Polish?”. Most foreigners living in another country are afraid to learn the language – they don’t want to speak it badly. For the English there are additional major difficulties in starting to learn Polish that do not occur when learning French, for instance. (In the first place, however, many English are over-conditioned to the belief that they will never be able to learn a foreign language properly.)

    The cross-over between Polish and English words is so small that there is virtually no possibility in picking up even fragments of either written or spoken text. Assembling this into a rudimentary use-form is impossible: asking for a ‚hotdog’ is pointless if you won’t know what the reply will be. There is therefore no starting reference point and the learner has to create everything from zero. This can be scary and make the potential learner feel that it will take months even to put together a few meaningful sentences that can be spoken, be understood and reply dealt with.

    It is quite standard when dealing with a completely foreign language to hear a meaningless jumble of sounds. The brain is not able to cope with what it hears; at best the impression is given of people speaking incredibly quickly, without significant pauses. Polish is a language where the sounds themselves appear alien – all the ‚sh’ and ‚ch’ sounds seem to dominate and crown out other sounds. English is spoken in a more melodic way than Polish and the tone of voice and breaks within spoken sentences help guide understanding. Polish emphasis is much more limited, so again, one of the fundamental basics used by an English speaker is missing in Polish, compounding the difficulty in breaking the sounds down into smaller pieces (eg phrases).

    The difficulty, indeed impossibility, of pronouncing Polish is a powerful contribution to the fear of learning it. You are quite right to say that, once you have started to learn, it is quite easy, but the fear of learning the language comes before this. An English person reading text cannot attempt to vocalise it. Although nowhere near as off-putting as Cyrillic, Arabic, etc writing, it nevertheless creates an immediate barrier and fear factor – how can I learn a language that I cannot even pronounce?

    The different alphabet is part of the above fear. The English are used to foreign languages, such as French, having accented letters, but in Polish they have to face completely different accents on completely different letters. I am not sure that ‚accent; is the right word here, but the expectation is that there will be a slightly different sound to the original letter known in English. So ‚ę’ and ‚ą’ may be alarming, but not really important, but once you get into the „w” not being ‚w’, but ‚v’, with ‚w’ being ‚ł’ – what? Since everyone will very quickly know about this – vodka and wódka, they expect to start off being impossibly confused.

    That Polish is very complicated for an English speaker, is not a myth. You may be absolutely right that if I wanted to choose to learn a foreign language, there are other complicated ones. However, a foreigner in Poland wants to learn Polish. Most people have little awareness of the complications of their own language – it comes completely naturally to them and they don’t think about it. Although I feel flattered at the idea that I might be able to deal with ’57 rules of using the definite and indefinite articles in English”, I have no idea what they are. All I know is Polish has a lot of new rules that I find impossible to remember and, since my language doesn’t use them, I cannot really understand why they need to be used. When looking to see why Polish was the second hardest language, as you said -but couldn’t find it – I came across I would like to think that in theory, a potential Polish student wouldn’t know too much about this before they start learning. Unfortunately, Polish friends will delight in telling you all about these complications beforehand. The clear message seeming to be: „I don’t know why you’re bothering”.

    Please have a little patience with us. By the way, I speak Polish a great deal, do not expect to be understood more than 20%, but have learnt it doesn’t normally matter very much – communication is more than understanding words. I don’t feel flattered when I am (regularly) congratulated on how well I speak Polish. I know it is appalling. However, it does make me realise how nice Polish people are. Tell that to potential students: it might help relax them slightly.

    • EwaMaslowska pisze:

      Dear Steve,
      Thank you very much for your comment. I am happy to learn you crossed the sound barrier
      and you can communicate in Polish. It is great. It proves it is not so difficult.
      I can ensure you we have the same problem with English then you have with Polish.
      When the natives speak it seams there is no break not only between words, but between sentences as well.
      We need much time to get use to it. The most effective way of learning is assimilation.
      The old maxim: „listen and learn” seems to be working quite well.
      I was surprised you could not find vocabulary which would sound familiar to you. Whenever you look rund
      you see words which exist in other European languages.
      Let me help you with the alphabet:
      A: auto, autobus, automat
      B: bank, budynek, brat, buty
      C: centrum, cytryna
      D: dentysta,
      E: eliminacja, enklawa, Europa
      F: flaga, front, faza, fotografia
      G: geografia, geocentryzm,
      H: hala, harmonia
      I: idiota, idea
      J: jubiler
      K: Kasa, komputer, kawa, kawiarnia
      L: Lampa
      M: muzyka, mleko, matka
      N: numer, nostalgia,
      O: organizacja
      P: plac, platforma, policjant
      R: restauracja
      S: siostra, suma, stereotyp, strefa
      T: teatr, telefon, taksówka, tramwaj
      U: uniwersytet, unikalny
      W: wagon, wino
      Z: zona, zoo

      I hope you enjoy discovering Poland trough Polish.
      Good luck!

  2. Steve pisze:

    Thank you for your reply, Ewa. There were words that I understood immediately – ‚centrum’ and ‚uniwersytet”, for example. However, I think you overestimate the similarities. Taking ‚auto’ at the beginning: the way they are pronounced in Polish and English is very different and doesn’t obviously relate to ‚car’. It made it easy to remember when we actually got to the car, which I thought was great – until ‚samochód’ replaced ‚auto’ and I became confused. At the other end of your list, I agreed to go to Warsaw ‚zoo’, but only found out what it was when I got there. They look identical, but are very different when spoken.

    All the best, Steve

    • EwaMaslowska pisze:

      Dear Steve,
      You are right. If the words are pronounced the same in all languages, there wouldn’t be a difference between them. When I heart [zu:] in English, I had no idea it was zoo. It sound different in Spanish, different in French, English, etc. However it is easier when you see a word which is familiar. Even Latin was pronounced differently in each of the country which used it. The same same happens with English now days.
      Have you been in Hungary? If the notices are in Hungarian you have no idea, what it could be. The reason is – it is not Indo-European language. It belongs to the Ugro-Finian group. The Hungurian are really isolated, they are the only from their group, who left their „home” and moved so far.

      The differences between Indo-European group are significant, as the demographical migration spread the group of people into different territories, they loose contact and began their own development. However we still have vocabulary concerning the fundamental ideas, which is the same in all the languages belonging in the past to Proto_Indoerupean: mother – matka, bruther- brat, sister – siostra, son- syn, mleko-milk, river – rzeka, etc, etc. The dictionary of the common words of indoeuropean origin is quite reach.
      Regarding the alphabet – each language had to introduce diacritic signs into the Latin alphabet. You see them in English (namely in letter combination), in French , Spanish , Swedish, German as each of the languages developed its own phonetic system. That is why even very similar words sound different in each language.

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