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Polish courses

Academia Polonica provides short communication-oriented courses in Polish at all levels,
individually and in small groups. Depending on the time you wish to invest in your Polish
lessons and your preferences regarding the intensity of learning – you can order a program
that suits you best.  
Learning Polish has never been as easy as nowadays. You can order a lesson in a convenient
time and place. No matter where you are – at home or in the office, in Poland or abroad you
can “invite” your tutor to teach you Polish online in your convenience. Lessons provided in
the form of live webinar mean interaction and direct contact with your tutor.
For more information – visit our site: www.academia-polonica.com.pl.
If you prefer self-study, I recommend the program “Polski bez problemu” developed by the
Academia Polonica team and issued by the SuperMemo Publisher. It is available in the
package of of 3 elements:

  • a coursebook (with texts, various grammar exercises)
  • MP3: to listen to the dialogue and texts & practice intonation and 
  • software to easy remembering the vocabulary and phrases and do grammar exercises.

The program “Polski bez problemu” is available at any level (A1-C1) at the publisher’s
(SuperMemo) website in three languages at the following links:

Polski 1: Bez problemu!
Polski 2: Bez problemu!
Polski 3: Bez problemu!

Польский 1. Без проблем!
Польский 2. Без проблем!
Польский 3. Без проблем!

Польский 1. Без проблем!
Польский 2. Без проблем!
Польский 3. Без проблем!

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