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Contract abroad – adventure or hell?

2010/09/28 9:44:00 Written by 

Most people would say they love travelling. Those who can afford it, spend holidays abroad.  They come back home refreshed, with new ideas, observations and hundreds of pictures with the unique places they visited.  The experience of tasting the local food, birthing the air, looking at the new landscape and architecture, watching people and listening to their language approaches them to the visited country. Emotionally and mentally, it becomes a new territory belonging to “our world”. Sometimes we even miss it and want to come back.

The contract abroad seems to be a fantastic opportunity to make the desire for travel trough. If you have the spirit of discoverer your time spent in Poland will be an adventure. Each day you are facing diversity.

Did you notice that your Polish colleagues don’t always great you with “How are you?” If so, it means there is no time for conversation, and then we just say “Hi”.  In Polish, a question requires an answer and is an invitation for a conversation.  You probably already have heard an answer in this kind of situation. It could be either an unexpected “ritual complaining” or good news.

More diversity you notice, more cultural awareness you receive. It is the first step leading you to cultural competency. If the Polish partners behave in a different way from what you expected, it means there is something to discover. Usually, they are funny stories, as good as pictures from your holiday. If you enjoy learning diversity, spending weekends in new places, meeting people – your time in Poland will be a real adventure.

If you are not a traveller keen in all what is new, willing to learn, taste and discover,  then the contract abroad could be a hard experience, if not hell.

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