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I am a linguist facinating in discovering the world hiden behind the words. The linguistic image of the world shows the differences between languages. They are based on the culture. Differnet point of view gives the specific perspective. That is why we are not the same in interpreting the reality. We see the world through our cultural experience, habits and belives, which is mirrowed by the language. Each language presents it's own view of the world and it is facinating. Apart of my research I run a Polish language school for foreigners. It is a fun, inspiration and very intresting experience.

Contract abroad – adventure or hell?

Most people would say they love travelling. Those who can effort it, spend holidays abroad.  They come back home refreshed, with new ideas, observations and with hundreds of pictures with the unique places they visited.  The experience of   testing the … Czytaj dalej

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Do the expats speak Polish?

Why the foreigners living in Poland are often afraid of learning Polish?  There are several myths about Polish. The first one says that it is one of the most difficult languages.  Polish  is nearly on the top  of the list, … Czytaj dalej

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Academia Polonica on YT

Academia Polonica first presentation: How do you like it?

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