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I am a linguist facinating in discovering the world hiden behind the words. The linguistic image of the world shows the differences between languages. They are based on the culture. Differnet point of view gives the specific perspective. That is why we are not the same in interpreting the reality. We see the world through our cultural experience, habits and belives, which is mirrowed by the language. Each language presents it's own view of the world and it is facinating. Apart of my research I run a Polish language school for foreigners. It is a fun, inspiration and very intresting experience.
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6 odpowiedzi na „Academia Polonica on YT

  1. This is very important topic, great job. You should write more

    • EwaMaslowska pisze:

      Thank you, I will be plesed to invite you to new posts. I just restore the blog with the subject: Polish language and culture in a nutshell – a lexicon of cultural connotation”.
      sorry thee was no posts for such a long time. I was busy writing a book.
      With all the best wishes,

  2. I thought polish was the most difficult language but I see
    it was a wrong consideration,like a stereotyp. I like Ewa’s short but comprehensive articles .Sincere kiss expresses respect. hiliadi tseluvki.

    • EwaMaslowska pisze:

      Thank you Evangelos.
      I just restart my blog with a subject: „Polish language and culture in a nutshell – a lexicon of cultural connotation” and hope you will follow it.
      with all the best wishes,

  3. Lynda Cromack pisze:

    Really like your websites details! Undoubtedly a wonderful provide of information that is extraordinarily helpful. Carry on to hold publishing and that i’m gonna proceed reading by the use of! Cheers.

  4. A perfect key for the men that you’ll understand about this afternoon.

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