About me

Who am I?

A language school manager with academic background, specializing in innovating painless methods of teaching foreign languages based on student’s natural need of communication and the ability of absorbing new words and phrases from the context.

Project Manager in a wide variety of language programs focus on business or diplomatic applications. Particularly interested in the verbal and non verbal cultural code, specific for each language. Fascinated by developing programs helping to cross cultural barriers. Looking for the most effective and enjoyable way of learning – with association to the tradition, customs, history, literature and … landscape, cuisine. Integrating all these aspects to change learning into fascinating journey through the world hidden behind words.
University experience helps to introduce innovating methods, encourage to create unconventional programs.

Last, but not least -  a university lecturer, author of several publications related to the language in the cultural context. Interested in ethnography, folklore, literature, theatre, film and music.

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