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About Me

My name is Ewa Masłowska. I am a linguist and the founder of the Polish language school – Academia Polonica. I believe that my educational background and years of experience in running the language school make me an expert in Polish language acquisition.

As a researcher – I am a professor in Slavic languages with specialization in anthropological linguistics. I am an author of numerous publications devoted to the relation between language and culture. The language, especially lexic, preserves the common memory of a particular society that perceives reality through its historical and cultural experience. Each language contains its specific world view, and it is fascinating to discover the differences in the meaning of words and contexts in which they are used. 

As the Academia Polonica managing director, I consider the cultural context the essential part of Polish language programs. A more in-depth view of Polish culture through history, customs, and symbols will break cross-cultural barriers and improve communication. Become a friend of Poland!

If you seek more knowledge about the issues given in the posts you can follow my publications on https://ewamaslowska.academia.edu/research#papers

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