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„Stranger in the town….”

2010/09/30 9:53:00 Written by 

Stranger in the town…” – I do understand this feeling. I experienced it during my first trip abroad.  The first western European country I have visited was the UK.  Despite having English lessons beforehand, I was shocked at the airport, when I couldn’t understand even the shortest communicates.  Later on, it was even worse. I Read More

Contract abroad – adventure or hell?

2010/09/28 9:44:00 Written by 

Most people would say they love travelling. Those who can afford it, spend holidays abroad.  They come back home refreshed, with new ideas, observations and hundreds of pictures with the unique places they visited.  The experience of tasting the local food, birthing the air, looking at the new landscape and architecture, watching people and listening Read More

Do the expats speak Polish?

2010/09/26 9:48:00 Written by 

Why are the foreigners living in Poland often afraid of learning Polish?  There are several myths about Polish. The first one says that it is one of the most difficult languages.  Polish is nearly on the top of the list; the higher position has only Chinese.  I have never expected Polish will be placed next Read More

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