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Cultural shock – fun or confusion?

2010/01/09 17:00:00 Written by 

Every foreigner living or working abroad is exposed to cultural shock.  Whether it will be a harrowing experience, fun, or just confusion depends on the individual’s ability to adapt to the new environment. Do you think the effects of cultural shock have ever touched you? Whenever you think that the local community is strange or is Read More

Polish Alphabet

2010/01/08 3:22:00 Written by 

In contrary to the most Slavic languages (East and South), Poland use the Latin alphabet – introduced together with Christianity in 966, when Polish prince Mieszko got married to a Czech princesses Dąbrawa.Receiving Christianity from the Czech Kingdom Poland has been included to the Western Christian Church, while most of the Slaves belong to the Byzantium Read More

Academia Polonica on YT

2010/01/07 9:49:00 Written by 

Academia Polonica first presentation

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